Digital Operating Room: Future System of Smart Operating Room

Digital operating room, iMOR-SDB, which is can created to streamline the OR workflow by integrating video routing…etc into one smart operating room system.

imedtac announces the release of an innovative OR integration system, iMOR-SDB, which is created to streamline the OR workflow by integrating video routing, procedure recording and medical information into one system. Clinical staff can manage surgical videos and data more efficiently with iMOR-SDB in smart operating rooms.

“Digital operating rooms have become more complex than ever. Hospitals are looking for an integration tool to help them manage data more efficiently.” said Jing-Yi, Product Manager of Imedtac. “The iMOR-SDB is designed specifically for today’s smart operating rooms and has been successfully implemented in hospitals. This proven OR integration solution can help improve workflow in ORs, enabling staff to focus more on patient care rather than equipment.”

The iMOR-SDB is equipped with all the features an smart operating room requires, including:

  • Flexible display options for switching between videos and data
  • Options to take screenshots and record surgical procedures anytime during surgery
  • A surgical safety checklist time tag to indicate the phases of the operation, which include sign-in, time-out and, sign-out
  • Capability to share live video with other surgeons, staff, and students during conferences and classes for educational and reviewing purpose 

“With years of experience partnering with hospitals around the world, we understand the challenges and difficulties that hospitals face every day.” said Jason Miao, Oversea Business Director at Imedtac. “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with system integrators and distributors to help our customers leverage our on-premise healthcare applications around the world.”

For more information, visit the product page here.


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