imedtac wins the 14th National Innovation Award Startup - imedtac Co., Ltd.

imedtac wins the 14th National Innovation Award Startup

As founded in March, 2016, we (iMedtac) are a new platform service provider in the internet of things IoT era. On the basis of Transforming Healthcare Through IoT, we focus on care and healthcare, develop the next-generation integration platform and application program so as to help hospitals and care organizations solve their pain spots in terms of operation and care.



We aim at lean healthcare (lean management for medicine), use smart hospitals as the means, employ IoT, ICT, medical robots and AI to enhance physician-patient communication for healthcare practitioners a.k.a. physicians and nursing personnel and for patients and their family and kin, and manage to enhance efficiency for clinical personnel, ensure error prevention ad reduction for medical services and conduct the lean management analytics for hospitals in the four aspects of Intelligent guidance, Quality nursing, Intelligent operation room (IOR) and Green hospital.



We assist chain clinics specialized in dialysis, physical therapy and rehabilitation and postpartum care with their platform application, blend clinical, software and hardware, and form a total solution of full whole care and operation. As it comes to marketing and promotion, we proactively find our strategic ally overseas, output and copy our services in China and ASEAN by grafting, and spread the core advantage of medicine in Taiwan through the telemedicine platform to the world for the public welfare, making iMedtac the top smart healthcare integration service provider of in Asia.

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