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“Transforming Healthcare
Through AIOT”

Combining medical science and ICT technology

The AIoT technological innovation formed by artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will impact the entire healthcare industry and transform its communication and business model.

We believe that only through the combination of medical science and ICT technology can we develop innovative solutions that target the pain points of the industry.

About Us

imedtac focus on developing the latest technology utilizing Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT).

We build a prospective integrated care platform enabling high-quality and seamless communications between caregivers and patients.

Medical Center
Clinical Resources

Development Teams

Medical Engineering Groups

System Integration Expertise

We will focus on utilizing the latest Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT) technology in hospitals and care facilities.

By creating a patient-centerd integrated care platform, we improve both the clinical care efficacy as well as the operational efficiency.


Business Development

Design innovative global solutions for hospitals and care facilities.

Intelligent Solution Integration

Software development and software/hardware integration solution research and development in Taipei and Wuhan.

Systems Engineering

System integration, on-site trouble-shooting and maintenance services.

Imaging Analysis

Develop intelligent imaging applications using medical imaging technology and IoMT sensors.

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