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    OR Safety Check APP

    In modern surgical practices, comprehensive management systems are integral to ensuring patient safety and operational efficiency. The iMOR-APP solution ensures seamless coordination among healthcare teams for enhanced patient care and operational effectiveness.

    Surgical Full-Term Visit & Audit Operations

    Surgical Safety Audit: Sign-in, Timeout, Sign-out

    Recovery Room Management

    Real-time display of daily medical staff scheduling status

    The Advantages of OR Safety Check APP

    advantages of OR integration system: Surgery data integration

    Surgical Full-Term Visit

    Pre-operative and post-operative visits allow for thorough assessments and monitoring of patient recovery.

    advantages of OR integration system

    Recovery Room Management

    Track patient entry times and auditing checkpoints to address any arising issues promptly.

    advantages of OR integration system: Improved patient care

    Surgical Safety Audit

    Sign-in, timeout, and sign-out procedures are rigorously conducted to uphold safety standards.

    advantages of OR integration system: Flexible video routing and documentation

    Real-time display

    Optimizes operating room functionality, ensuring seamless coordination among healthcare teams and patient.

    Structure of iMOR Solution

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