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    OR Intelligence Dashboard

    For browsing the surgical schedule and real-time synchronization of patient and ward trends information, it also provides insight into operating room dynamics through a Gantt chart displaying the working status of each room, ultimately optimizing the operation of the operating rooms.

    Browse surgical schedule

    Browse operating room status

    Announcement messages

    Real-time browsing of dispatch information

    The Advantages of OR Intelligence Dashboard

    advantages of OR integration system: Surgery data integration

    Browse surgical schedule

    Instantly synchronize patient and ward trends information

    advantages of OR integration system

    Inportant messages and announcements

    Ensure no messages are missed

    advantages of OR integration system: Improved patient care

    Operating room status

    Gantt chart shows the working status of each operating room

    advantages of OR integration system: Flexible video routing and documentation

    Central management system

    Optimize the operation and the workflow of operating rooms

    Structure of iMOR Solution

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