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Integration of medical services and ICT advantages for MIT smart hospital output

Integration of medical services and ICT advantages for MIT (made in Taiwan) smart hospital output overseas by imedtac


Despite the thriving medical technology that controls certain incurable diseases, more novel diseases and medical care demands emerge.

According to the figures estimated by the National Development Council, Taiwan is likely to be a hyper-aged society in 2026 with the demands for precise, solid and huge healthcare services as it comes to healthcare and care, making smart hospital one of the key development items for the healthcare industry in a near future; as a result, how to integrate the strengths of technology, medicine and medical professionals that not only solves the pain spots of hospitals and patients but also reinforces smart hospital becomes the key for the stakeholders desirous of the preemptive opportunity to enter the market without fail.



The AIoT care platform from hospital to home

With a combination of the clinical resources of the medical centers and the professionals specialized in medical R&D, medical engineering and ICT integration in China and Taiwan, imedtac committed to the AIoT technology used to assist hospitals at all levels and care centers hopefully integrates healthcare and ICT, establishes a patient-centered IoT integrated care platform by the IoT equipment, enhances the clinical healthcare care effects, reacts to the pain spots and demands for medical personnel at each special department to attain the management and care goals, serves diverse roles and promotes the operational efficiency of hospitals and institutions.



In general, our services available for hospitals as well as the care and health testing / physical examination aspects have 3 categories as follows:


Smart medicine / e-health / Intelligent healthcare

As the emergency room receives a patient sent by an ambulance or the outpatient department receives an appointment or a registration made by a patient, the internal systems of the hospital begin to work interdependently. We deliberate a whole scheme of the smart solutions for hospitals in terms of the foregoing demands that consists of the outpatient calling system, the logistic medical engineering system, the smart physiological measurement booth, the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC), the e-bedside card, the automated intelligent robot, the smart ward and the smart nursing station. The IoT technology in charge of compiling the medical data from the outpatient and inpatient departments in one platform for hospitals not only ensures a continuum of care in the various settings of hospitals, health institutions or in-home for patients but also secures solutions to the issues arising from insufficient human resources of inpatient care, concerns for medication safety, physician-patient communication and errors of handwritings for hospitals.


The smart healthcare IoT equipment is made available by iMedtac.  The pictures are health education guidance robot (left), logistic transport robot (center) and medication logistic transport robot (right).


Health care


The services using the device of IoT and AI algorithms as the technical core are made available for the non-hospital settings. Smart-services solutions are provided to postpartum care and elderly long-term care. The real-time information is given to the caregiver by a combination of smart ward services, system care, multiple safety control and interlinked data app. The systematic management not only reinforces the operating convenience but also promotes efficiency of care services.


Home care


As Taiwan is becoming a hyper-aged society in a near future, insufficient caregivers and depopulation due to low-fertility rates render in-home health care a severe challenge. Given that, we develop smart assistive devices for foot and smart cushions that utilize the IoT equipment to sense temperatures and pressure, image and time of flight (ToF) for helping caregivers understand more the user’s body conditions for enhanced quality of care.



Ken YU the former vice manager in Advantech who has been processing diverse types of novel applications is aspired for smart healthcare as the startup theme. According to him, why he is aspired for the smart healthcare discipline is for convergence in one domain. “We expect to focus on what we are doing from day one.” YU said, “Too many things can be done for a startup and too many chances appear in front of an entrepreneur, but thinking too much will lead to divergence.



Smart healthcare is a domain which many teams are keen on, but YU finds iMedtac different from others due to their working mode. “It is hard to presume what happens in a hospital by sitting in front of a desk in an office! 90% of our employees spend time in hospitals to master the clinical pain spots real time indeed on the site.”



Never work hard at a confined spot, so YU runs the business by making mistakes often. He pinpoints that each entrepreneur of a startup values the direction. Only mistakes made constantly for adjustment can lead to the focus. “The expressway to a startup is never linear but Z-shaped”, said him.



Li-chi Huang Manager of the HR Department and the members of the Sales Department.  From left to right: Senior Manager Kuan-bei Chen, General Manager Ken Yu, Chief Technical Officer Chuen-ting Tsai, Manager of the Financial Department Hung-hsuen Lee, photo by Ta-hsin He



You might make a mistake while serving a client, but you make no mistakes if serving an industry


In 2016, a strategic alliance agreement was made by and entered into between iMedtac and the Changhua Christian Hospital that set up the Yuanlin Christian Hospital a.k.a. the first smart hospital in Asia. In 2017, the iMedtac team completed the very first medical transport robot in Taiwan. Currently, our services are mainly made available in Asia including China, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam and our next step is to focus on the industrial technology and setup of distribution channels. Hopefully, we are the service provider specialized in smart healthcare total solutions and innovative products.


“We definitely face many issues and challenges, but each solution provided thereto means the competitiveness enhanced again. The healthcare industry never declines and falls since medical issues never vanish but keep emerging in diverse manners. As long as we follow the trend, we have a deal for good.” This is the summary by YU.



Startup Q&A (FAQs)


Q:What entrepreneurship taught you? Just use simple words to describe your afterthought.

1.A linear is unnecessarily a shortcut.

2.Resources come at the end of the day if you keep sticking to the right thing. / Luck comes to those sticking to the right deed.

3.Start, be prepared.



QWhat are the best three things done by you as an entrepreneur?

1.We literally implement IoT in the clinical care and create the smart hospital trend.

2.We blend two industries and two languages (medicine and ICT) for innovative applications.

3.Our output overseas in China and ASEAN proves smart hospital as the main trend for the industry.


QIn terms of the present market state, what are the competitive strengths of your services?

1.We familiar with clinical medicine and ICT trends keep breeding innovative applications for solving pain spots.

2.We keep building the medical care channels and form a marketing platform in Asia.

.We find our partners of the healthcare and care ecology and work as a group overseas.





Name: iMedtac


Establishment time: 2016/3/3

1. Consultant-style smart application total solutions: Planning proposals, software and hardware integration, works and adjustments

2.Services: Outpatient calling, broadcasting system, smart ward program (bedside card, bedside health education system, nursing station whiteboard system), automated dispensing cabinet (ACD) system, intelligent physiological measurement booth, logistic medical engineering maintenance and management platform, automated intelligent robot, paperless e-sheet and smart foot pad, cushion and mattress

3.Online time: 2016/3/3


Team number: 40 persons

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