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Sansei MC in Nato Peninsula

Medical container, the best way to treat patient in a disaster

The catastrophe has caused thousands of deaths, injuries, and missing, and more than 200 houses burned down. Water and power outages, destroyed health facilities, how to provide victims with effective treatment as in hospitals when only limited medical resources are available?

According to Notaya TV, Aichi University Hospital transported a medical container to the disaster area to support victims. This special container equipped with a hospital-sized examination room is the latest medical container solution from the Japanese medical company – Sansei.

Sansei MC in front of the hospital in Nato Peninsula

The container is highly maneuverable, allowing medical staff to conduct emergency rescue actions, such as resuscitating and intubating patients at the nearest location. It also has a negative pressure device specifically designed to handle infectious diseases.

In areas where medical resources are scarce, medical containers are the best solution. “Medical containers can provide a better medical environment, it’s best to treat seriously ill patients as soon as possible,” said Eizo Watanabe, director of the Advanced Critical Care and Critical Care Center at Aichi Medical University Hospital.

Medical containers can not only solve medical problems in disaster areas but can be extended to rural areas with insufficient medical resources.

imedtac CAN help!

imedtac Telehealth solution structure

imedtac has cooperated with Sansei to create a telehealth container solution. In the future, the medical container will be equipped with imedtac’s iMVS, iMTele, CarePackage, and other telehealth solutions, allowing patients in disaster areas or rural to receive more immediate help from the doctor.

iMVS: Designed to mitigate health risks generated by chronic diseases. Data is uploaded in real-time to the cloud platform, connecting to the HIS or NIS for caregivers to manage remotely. The smart vital sign kiosk will be able to overcome the physical distance in providing digital healthcare.
◆ Various measurements and results display
◆ User-friendly graphical surface with voice and video user instructions
◆ Real-time data for your remote caregivers
◆ PHR analysis for the trend of vital sign

iMTele: Combines patient information, video, and vital signs data into a single platform, making it easier to have virtual consultations with various specialists and to provide timely, specialized care to patients.
◆ Supports multi-person video calls
◆ Instant visibility of all patient info into one dashboard
◆ Integrates a wide selection of devices

Care package: Vital signs are automatically uploaded to the cloud to allow remote medical staff or family members to quickly be informed.
◆ Easy to carry, 5-in-1 device, for mobile doctors
◆ Cloud storage to view health trends at a glance
◆ Alert when an abnormal signal in the data

To help patients who cannot access the best medical resources and to achieve medical equality, imedtac is committed to developing comprehensive telehealth solutions and to becoming the most professional smart medical solution provider in Asia.

News resource: Nagoya Broadcasting Network

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