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Technology Empowers: No More Surgical Errors

Recently, a medical error at Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital where a patient was mistakenly sent to the operating room for thoracic drainage surgery.

“Everybody makes mistakes!”

Medical accidents are not uncommon, especially during surgery where many steps are involved. The tense atmosphere in the operating room increases the chances of errors.

Key steps for surgical safety:
1. Patient identification
2. Marking the surgical site
3. Compliance with surgical safety checklist procedures

With the “Surgical Safety Check App,” every hospital can ensure that each surgery is performed correctly.

iMOR-operating room solution upgrades operating rooms intelligently.

iMOR – Safety Check APP

  • Account/ ID card login
  • Scanning of patient medical record barcodes
  • Surgical safety check and verification mechanism
  • Recording of surgical equipment usage
  • Scanning record for precise instrument borrowing
  • Intraoperative reminders for antibiotic/ hemostatic belt usage
  • Display important announcements

To date, we have completed over 200 smart operating rooms, with plans underway for over 240 more, including 50 in Thailand and Vietnam. We are committed to using technology to alleviate the burden on healthcare workers and ensure patient safety.

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