Effortlessly Change Patient Communication Board in Hospitals
Effortlessly Change Patient Communication Board in Hospitals

Effortlessly Change Patient Communication Board in Hospitals

Effortlessly Change Patient Communication Board in Hospitals

While poor communication can have severe consequences in business, it can be deadly in the healthcare industry.

Misdiagnosis and medical mistakes can be the sole cause of the life or death of a patient. Therefore, patient communication boards (patient information cards) have become necessary in hospital rooms globally to help enhance communication between medical professionals and their patients.

However, following technological advancements in the medical field, traditional patient information boards are being replaced with digital ones. To fully grasp the benefits of a digitized patient communication board, we must first establish its role in a medical facility.


What’s the Role of a Patient Communication Board?

A patient communication board is an integral part of doctor-to-patient communication, as it allows a medical team to convey the care plan and progress of a patient on a day-to-day basis.

As people come and go out of a patient room daily, it ensures that all parties, including the doctor, nurses, patient, and family members, are up to date at all times. Furthermore, it is a convenient way to introduce patient identity and medical history to new medical team members and vice-versa.


While traditional patient information boards have long dominated the medical market, it’s undeniable that logistical problems exist. For starters, a conventional patient information board, which is essentially a rewritable whiteboard, requires medical professionals to manually change cards whenever they’re filled.

These frequent changes result in inconsistent information updates that get lost in translation and end up in major consequences where it’s often too late and the patient bears the brunt. A new digital paper solution has risen to resolve these often-overlooked problems of the medical field.

Replace Patient Communication Board with a Digital Paper Solution

An openness to new equipment and technology becomes especially important in an industry that partly relies on medical advancements to save lives.

Although traditional patient information boards have aided in the communication between medical professionals and patients, the development of a digital patient communication board creates a more convenient and efficient way to communicate.

It is a solution that truly prioritizes patient care because it significantly reduces miscommunication and the chances of clinical or human-made errors. This solution rids the hassle of constantly updating and double-checking conveyed information.

The digitized bedside patient card can be connected to patient information from the EMR/HIS system and updated automatically when a new patient arrives. Gone are the days of frequently documenting and replacing whiteboard cards.


The Benefits of Using a Digital Patient Communication Board

Implementing a digital patient communication board comes with a wide range of benefits, hence that’s why many hospitals and clinics have adopted the switch. Take a glimpse of how the digital communication board for hospital patients has dominated the industry and its benefits:


  1. Relieves the workload of medical workers:

Primarily, this digital adoption relieves the workload and shortage of medical workers, especially in the pandemic era. By reducing the workload and staffing, medical professionals can focus their time and energy on other medical priorities or emergencies.


  1. Instant updates to patient healthcare:

Through HIS connection, the digital paper automatically updates patient information and medical treatments even if the patient changes a bed or is discharged. This will prevent crucial information from being lost on handwritten boards.


  1. Uninterruptible under power shortage:

In emergency situations, such as power outages, the bedside patient card can save the day by holding the last updated information so medical professionals can still confirm patient identity, provide timely treatment, and make vital decisions under extreme circumstances.


  1. Green hospital propeller:

In addition, digital patient communication boards support the global movement towards a green community. Offering a paperless workflow and low power consumption fulfills the pursuit of green and smart hospitals.


Given its undeniable perks, manufacturers have developed different types of digital patient communication boards to fit specific needs. Products differ in size and features, so it is essential to pick the most suitable digital communication board for the prospective institution.


How Does imedtac Facilitate the Overall Healthcare System?

imedtac, a firm supporter of AIoT technological innovation, is a company devoted to combining medical science with ICT technology to develop solutions to combat the medical industry’s long-standing but perhaps underprioritized pains.

By utilizing AIoT, imedtac is able to build a prospective integrated care platform which enables high-quality and seamless communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

It offers hardware and software solutions that integrate data into HIS. imedtac’s portfolio includes a wide selection of patient communication boards that are quality-assured. Features such as low power consumption, easy plug-and-play, wireless communication, and no light emission to avoid disrupting a patient’s sleep are imedtac’s ventures for streamlining the patient communication process.

imedtac’s iMEP-42C1 is a 42-inch touchable patient communication board to display not only necessary patient and caregivers’ information but patient’s pain rating and recovery information.

iMEP-13C2, on the other hand, is a 13.3-inch HIPAA-certified bedside patient card with patient and caregiver information and four bottoms to call the nurse to change IV or for help. An iMEP-09C1 patient room door sign provides basic patient information and important notices regarding serious illnesses, fasting, and allergies.


Looking for more healthcare solutions? imetac has been launching a wide spread of products catering to your specific needs. Discover more imetac advantages in With a full grasp of real healthcare requirements, imedtac introduces wide-ranging solutions

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