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    กระดาน ดิจิตอลบอร์ดสื่อสารผู้ป่วย 42
    กระดาน ดิจิตอลบอร์ดสื่อสารผู้ป่วย 42

    42" Patient Communication Board

    The iMEP-42C1 digital communication board displays patient and caregivers’ information, which can be used for identity check and letting the patient and its family members know who the caregivers are. The digital paper screen does not emit light, hence no interruption to the patient’s sleep. It is equipped with buttons that can be configured for various functions, such as IV change, nurse call, etc. The bedside patient card improves care efficiency and patient satisfaction.

    Low power consumption

    Large touchscreen monitor

    Zero light emission

    HIPAA compliant

    The Advantages of iMEP-42C1

    Display basic patient information

    Include medical record number, name, sex, age, and admission date.

    Display treatment plans

    Show the treatment plans and the progress.

    Display caregivers’ information

    Include the attending provider, nurses, and other caregivers.

    HIPAA compliant

    Enhanced security and confidentiality to protect patient privacy.

    Product context

    Enhance communication between caregivers and patients

    √ Improve efficiency on care delivery
    √ Improve patient satisfaction

    Reduce workload

    √ Integrate information to optimize care quality
    √ Immediate response to care needs


    Yes. It will stay at the last displayed image during the power outage.

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