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Telehealth Solution
Telehealth Solution
Telehealth Solution
Telehealth Solution

Telehealth Solution

Imedtac Telehealth Solution is highly mobile and integrates with video and vital signs data, allowing for consultation from various specialties. It is the best solution to combat COVID-19 in quarantine units.

Wireless, portable, quick setup

private cloud to protect patient information

 Integrate with various devices

High flexibility & mobility

Room for additional power supply. Can be moved to different areas without wire connections.

Support Video/Audio conference

Support 1080p or HD camera with audio system. Patients can easily communicate with caregivers from a quarantine unit.

Medical grade

Support both medical-grade nursing cart . Can be cleaned with 75% alcohol

Compatible with vital sign monitoring devices

With App, can connect with devices such  to collect data and upload it to the Cloud platform.

Product context

Integrate with multiple vital sign monitoring devices for decision making

 Connect with blood pressure monitor, termometer, oximeter or other vital sign monitoring devices through imedtac vital sign app. 

Connect to HIS/PACS and support video conferencing

Through standard API, the telemedical cart can connect with imedtac HealthCare Cloud and the HIS, EMR, or PACS systems from the hospital

Mobile and Flexible. Easy to deploy

Support medical-grade nursing cart with single or dual medical-grade AIO and optional video conference system


Yes, we provide a list of supported medical devices. However, if users want to choose devices not on the list, we can help evaluate for the integration but will charge an extra fee.

We provide a neutral platform with camera, microphone and speaker. It can connect to any kind of common video conferencing system (e.g., Microsoft Teams,  Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Zoom, etc.)

Yes, we support both 15.6” x 1 and 21.5” x 1. Customers can request a different size and we can help find a suitable solution.

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