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Smart Healthcare

健康照護產業必須結合服務專業與醫療專業,對象既是客人,也可能是病人,如何融合兩個專業並提供優質照護服務,是機構經營者的核心能力。我們利用各種物聯網的感知科技與AI演算法,提供照護者即時資訊,降低重複性工作負擔,預防照護疏失,更讓經營者藉由數據分析提升經營規劃的洞察能力, 成為真正的數據驅動(data-driven)機構。

  • Take patients as the center, make use of Internet of Things and cloud platform to promote the smooth communication among doctors, nurses and patients, make
  • In order to improve the safety of surgery,standardized operation schedule management should be established. Safety identificationshould be carried out at


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