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    Easy Doctor

    5-in-1 Remote Patient Monitoring Kit

    imedtac Easy Doctor is a 5-in-1 remote patient monitoring kit. With its minimalist design, there is no screen or extra buttons. Also, its built-in battery and BLE/WiFi module allows for easy connection with iOS & Android devices, where an app can be used to collect data and upload it directly to your provider’s electronic medical record system. If you are looking for a compact and simple solution for remote patient monitoring, imedtac Easy Doctor is your answer.

    Applicable at home / in the hospital

    Healthcare O2O service gateway

    Integrate with online management platforms

    Able to extend with other vital sign detectors

    Data exchange API available

    The Advantages of Easy Doctor

    Compact design

    Small and portable. Monitor your health anywhere you go.

    Control by mobile devices

    Ensure vital signs data 100% uploaded.

    Modular design

    Able to select desired modules separately.

    Support RPM Platform integration

    Easy to build data transfer interface with an API.

    Product context

    5-in-1 modularized RPM kit

    √ 5-in-1 home use for RPM vital signs detection and recording
    √ Include blood pressure monitor / blood glucose, cholesterol and uric acid monitor / 3-lead ECG
    √ Can be used at home or brought to anywhere.

    User-friendly APP control

    √ Built-in battery
    √ BLE/WiFi module
    √ Connect with iOS & Android devices

    API connection to Healthcare Cloud

    √ Data collection through the APP
    √ Data upload through standard API


    • Is the Easy Doctor RPM approved by the FDA or CE?

      Easy Doctor RPM has Taiwan FDA approval (No. 006444/No. 006490/No. 006588), and is in the process of applying for CE & US FDA approvals. ETA is 2022.

    • Does Easy Doctor RPM support other vital signs detection functions?

      Two new vital sign monitoring devices, oximeter and thermometer, will be launched in 2022.

    • Can we OEM the Easy Doctor under a different company’s brand name?

      Yes, we welcome OEM requests. Additional NRE fee and MOQ requirement may apply.

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