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ToF Patient Safety Monitoring

ToF Patient Safety Monitoring system is a de-identified, contactless solution that relieves caregivers’ stress and reduces medical risk. It enables caregivers to focus on high-value tasks, have a peace of mind when away from care recipients and be able to be prompted when help is needed.

Activity status alarms

De-identified live view

Night-time monitoring

The Advantages of ToF System

Remote night-time monitoring

Infrared depth sensor enables de-identified night-time monitoring to assist with short-staffed night shifts.

AI Recognition System

AI algorithm analyzes depth images from our sensors to identify whether care recipient is in bed, near the edge, away or has fallen.

Customize and receive alarms

With our Internal Control Center, you can customize and receive care recipient’s status change alarms to better care for them.

Contactless detection

Different from wearable devices or detection mattresses, Care Recipient Monitor has no cross-infection risk and is hassle free for care recipients.

Product Context

Care Recipient’s activity statuses

√ Our AI algorithm classifies care recipient statuses in and around the bed into four: In bed, Near the edge, Away and Fall
√ Caregivers can quickly identify the individuals to check on and assist

Internal Control Center & Mobile Care App

√ Caregivers can remotely view care recipient’s current status via our web and mobile applications
√ Demand for constant door-to-door check-ins is reduced


  • Can I import my facility and care recipient data?

    Yes, our system allows you to input your facility’s area names, room numbers and bed numbers, as well as syncing with your database for care recipient data.

  • How do I receive alarms for status changes?

    Caregivers can get alerted through our internal control center and our mobile care app.

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