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ICU Medical Device Integration System

imedtac ICU Medical Device Integration System collects and records data on a single platform, reducing the need to search for information on multiple devices in ICU. It supports dashboards for different units, such as ICU, OR, RT, or HD, for caregivers to easily monitor patient status.

It is compatible with more than 250 different devices, which covers more than 80% of the ICU equipment market, providing a plug-and-play solution.


Intelligent data collecting and recording

Interactive dashboard to monitor easily

Connect 250+ equipment devices

The Advantages of ICU Medical Device Integration System

Single Platform for multiple ICU medical equipment

Integrate multiple ICU devices to collect data and upload it to the cloud.

Efficient in data collection

Collect patient information and upload it to the server, displaying a summarized view on the dashboard.


Customized views for different users

Based on user access, the dashboard can be set up for different views (e.g., family member v.s. caregivers).

Support 250+ devices

Compatible with more than 250 commonly used devices in ICU.


Yes, each ICU bed needs one set of  integration system including one AIO computer, one data convention box and one software license. Also, each hospital will need a Server. We support the server installation on the hospital’s current server with VM ware.


We have the standard list of compatible ICU medical devices. We provide the list for our distributor or system integrator to check with the hospital. We can provide compatibility evaluation for devices not on the list.

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