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The iMADC-DKP-L is an automated dispensing cabinet that provides a safe and accurate medication management solution in the pharmacy. It is able to dispense medication, control inventory and manage user access, reducing time and improving efficiency for the facility. 

Main cabinet (2-4 layers available)

Equipped with drawer locks

Individual pill box locks

4-layer dimensions: 410(W)*600(D)*570(H) mm

Multiple authentication methods

Log in through facial recognition, RFID, or passwords. Option to connect with the staffing system.

Flexible dispensing process

Scan the prescription through medical order integration, ensuring accuracy and reducing workload.

Customizable drawer layout

Able to arrange medication and define functions based on user requirements.

Real-time inventory management

System will alert when inventory level is low, allowing for restocking in a timely fashion.

Product context

Manage medication safety

√ Equipped with micro switches
√ Avoid multiple boxes opening simultaneously
√ Record all the actions in the system. Effectively manage the flow of all the medications

Medication inventory management and issue notifications

√ Monitor inventory level at all times
√ Reduce the risk of unusual incidents


As the security lock requires electricity, pill boxes cannot be opened during power outages. However, connecting to a UPS system would avoid this problem.

Yes, and its dimensions are 410(W) * 600(D) * 570(H) mm/410(W) * 600(D) *660(H)(wheels included) mm.

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